RAVL, Recognition And Vision Library


GlobalsGlobal namespace. This has just about everthing in it.
RavlN Ravl namespace
RavlConstN Standard constants
RavlComposeSingleN Single pass data operations
RavlCxxDocN C++ parser's namespace.


BinOStreamC Machine independant binary output stream.
BinIStreamC Machine independant binary input stream.
PairC Pair of homogenious objects
IndexC Index class for indexing 1D arrays: an integer class with modified rounding and other operations
StringC A reference-counted string.
SubStringC Sub-string within a larger string.
RCHandleC Base class for handles to reference counter objects
RCBodyC Base class for all reference counted objects
SmartPtrC Smart pointer.
ExceptionC RAVL Exception.
ExceptionErrorCastC Casting exception class.
ExceptionOperationFailedC Exception: Operation Failed
ExceptionOutOfRangeC Exception: Out of Range
ExceptionAssertionFailedC Exception: Assertion Failed
ExceptionNumericalC Exception: Numerical exception.
ExceptionEndOfStreamC Exception thrown when end of stream found.
TriggerC Signal Event handle
CallFunc0C Signal Event handle
CallFunc1C Signal Event handle
CallFunc2C Signal Event handle
CallFunc3C Signal Event handle
CallFunc4C Signal Event handle
CallFunc5C Signal Event handle
HandleRefCounterC Handle based reference counter.
HandleRefCounterBodyC Handle based reference counter.
MTReadLockC Lock system for reading.
MTWriteLockC Lock system for writing.
OStreamC Standard output streams with reference counting.
IStreamC Standard input streams with reference counting.
StrOStreamC Output stream to memory.
StrIStreamC Input stream from memory.
BitIStreamC Input bit stream
BitOStreamC Output bit stream.
IndexRangeC 1D index range of array
Index3dC Index of a 3-D array
IndexRange2dC An index range of a 2D array
RCWrapAbstractC Abstract wrapped object handle.
RCWrapC RCWrapper handle.
Index2dC 2 Dimensional index
IntC Integer with a default constructor that assigns it a value of 0
UIntC unsigned integer with a default constructor that assigns it a value of 0.
TFVectorC Fixed size vector.
TFMatrixC Fixed size NxM matrix.
EmptyC Empty data class.
RCAbstractC Abstract handle class for any object derived from RCBodyVC.
CallMethod0C Signal Event handle
CallMethod1C Signal Event handle
CallMethod2C Signal Event handle
CallMethod3C Signal Event handle
CallMethod4C Signal Event handle
CallMethod5C Signal Event handle
CallMethodRef0C Signal Event handle
CallMethodRef1C Signal Event handle
CallMethodRef2C Signal Event handle
CallMethodRef3C Signal Event handle
CallMethodRef4C Signal Event handle
CallMethodRef5C Signal Event handle
FIndexC Fixed sized Index
IndexRange3dC An index range of a 3D array
RealC Real value with a default constructor that assigns it a value of 0.
SubIndexRange2dIterC Slide a rectangular window over a larger rectangle.
RealRangeC 1D Range of real values.
SubIndexRange3dIterC Slide a rectangular window over a larger rectangle.
RealRange2dC An index range of a 2D array
RCHandleVC Handle from objects derived from RCBodyVC.
RCBodyVC Base class for all reference counted objects, where derivation is expected.
TimeCodeC Time code.
RealRange3dC Range of real values in 3D
IndexRange2dIterC Iterate through a 2d range.
IndexRange3dIterC Iterate through a 3d range.
basic_ifdstream Basic input from a fd stream.
basic_ofdstream Derivation of general output streams, specific to unix file handles.
basic_fdstream Basic fdstream.
CompositeBufferC Composite buffer.
BufferAccessC Basic unsized buffer.
BufferAccessIterC Iterator for access buffer.
BufferAccessIter2C Iterate 2 buffers at the same time.
BufferAccessIter3C Iterator for 3 buffers.
BufferAccessIter4C Iterator for 3 buffers.
BufferAccess2dIterC 2d buffer iterator.
BufferAccess2dIter2C Iterate through a 2d buffer.
BufferAccess2dIter3C Iterate through a 2d buffer.
BufferAccess2dIter4C Iterate through a 2d buffer.
Slice1dIterC Slice iterator.
Slice1dIter2C Slice iterator.
Slice1dIter3C Slice iterator.
Slice1dC Slice through array
BufferAccess3dIterC 3D buffer iterator.
BufferAccess3dIter2C 3D buffer iterator.
BufferAccess3dIter3C 3D buffer iterator.
RangeBufferAccess3dC Access to 3d buffer.
SDArray1dC 1D Simple Dynamic Array.
SArray1dIterC SArray1d iterator.
Array1dC 1 Dimensional array
SArray1dC A simple 1 dimensional array
SArray1dIter2C Duel SArray1d iterator.
SArray1dIter3C Triple SArray1d iterator.
SArray1dIter4C Quad SArray1d iterator.
Array2dC 2 Dimensional array
SArray2dIterC SArray2dC iterator.
SArray2dC Simple 2 dimentional array.
SArray2dIter2C Duel SArray2dC iterator.
SArray2dIter3C Triple SArray2dC iterator.
SArray3dIterC SArray3dC iterator.
SArray3dC Simple 3 dimentional array.
SArray3dIter2C Duel SArray3dC iterator.
SArray3dIter3C Triple SArray3dC iterator.
Array1dIterC Array1dC iterator.
Array1dIter2C dual Array1dC iterator.
Array1dIter3C triple Array1dC iterator.
Array1dIter4C triple Array1dC iterator.
Array2dIterC Array1dC iterator.
Array2dIter2C dual Array2dC iterator.
Array2dIter3C triple Array2dC iterator.
Array2dIter4C triple Array2dC iterator.
Array3dC 3 Dimensional array
Array3dIterC Array1dC iterator.
Array3dIter2C dual Array3dC iterator.
Array3dIter3C triple Array3dC iterator.
Array2dSqr2IterC Iterator which slides a 2x2 window over an array.
Array2dSqr2Iter2C Iterator which slides a 2x2 window over two arrays.
Array2dSqr3IterC Iterate through an array accessing 3x3 area.
Array2dSqr31Iter2C Iterate through an array accessing 3x3 area.
Array2dSqr311Iter3C Iterate through an array accessing 3x3 area.
Array2dSqr3111Iter4C Iterate through an array accessing 3x3 area.
Array2dSqr3311Iter4C Iterate through an array accessing 3x3 area.
StackC Templated, dynamicly sized stack.
StackIterC StackC iterator.
Tuple2C Class containing two other arbitrary classes
Tuple3C Class containing 3 other classes.
BlkStackIterC BlkStackC iterator.
BlkStackC Block stack.
Tuple4C Class containing 4 other classes.
BinIterC Bin table iterator.
BinTableC A table of bins. Hashing for real valued paramiters.
BinListC Binned table of lists.
PriQueueC Fixed size priority queue.
PriQueueLC Pointer based version of Priority Queue.
BlkQueueC Basic Queue.
FixedQueueC Fixed size circular queue.
FixedQueueIterC Iterate through contents of the queue.
BinaryTreeUpIterC Iterate up through a binary tree.
BinaryTreeDownIterC Iterate down through a binary tree.
BinaryTreeC Binary tree.
AVLTreeC AVL Tree.
HashTreeC Tree of hashtables.
HashTreeNodeC Base class for tree's.
HashTreeIterC Iterate through a tree.
DLinkC Double-link element.
DLinkDataC Double-link list element with data.
DLinkHeadC Double-link list head.
DLIterC Double linked list iterator.
DListC Double linked List
ConstDLIterC Constant iterator.
IntrDListC Double-linked circular list
IntrDLIterC Intrinsic list iterator.
HashIterC Hash table iterator.
HashC General hash table.
BiHashIterC Bi-directional hash table iterator
BiHashC Bi-directional hash table.
RCHashC Reference counted auto-resizing hash table.
HSetIterC Set Iterator.
HSetC Set of objects.
GraphC Templated graphs.
GraphNodeIterC Node iterator.
GraphNodeHC Node handle.
GraphEdgeIterC Edge iterator.
GraphLinearIterC Linear graph iterator.
GraphAdjIterC Adjacency iterator.
GraphConnIterC Connected node iterator.
BLinkC Link in list.
BListIterC BList iterator.
BListC Branching list.
BStackC Stack.
BDAGraphC Directed acyclic graph.
BGraphAdjIterC BGraph Adjacency iterator.
BGraphNodeHC BGraph node handle
BGraphLinearIterC Graph linear iterator.
BGraphC Branching graph.
BGraphNodeIterC Interate through nodes in a BGraph.
BGraphEdgeHC BGraph edge handle.
RandomGaussC Generate random number with a gaussian distribution.
AngleC This class is designed to deal with angles in radians.
ComplexC Complex algebra
StringListC List of StringC's
OptionC The class OptionC is a simple parser of a command line.
TypeNameC Register typename.
BufOStreamC Output stream to memory.
BufIStreamC Input stream from memory.
SubStringListC List of SubStringC's
ExceptionInvalidStreamC Exception issued when an parse error occurs.
XMLAttributeC Class for handling XML attributes.
XMLElementC Information about the current element being processed.
XMLBaseC Common XML operations.
XMLIStreamC XML Input Stream.
XMLOStreamC XML Output Stream.
XMLTreeC XML parse tree.
CollectionIterC Collection iterator.
CollectionConstIterC Collection iterator.
CollectionC Collection of data
DArray1dIterC Dynamic array iterator.
DArray1dIter2C Dynamic array iterator.
DArray1dIter3C Dynamic array iterator.
VirtualConstructorC Virtual constructor base class.
VirtualConstructorInstC Virtual constructor instance.
RegisterFuncionC Save function pointer. Register function pointer.
DPEntityC Data processing entity.
DataNotReadyC Exception, Data Not Ready.
DPIPortC Input port.
DPOPortC Output port.
DPProcessBaseC Process handle base.
DPProcessC Templated process handle.
DPSeekCtrlC Stream position control handle class.
DPISPortC Seekable port input handle.
DPOSPortC Seekable port ouput handle.
DPSeekCtrlAttachC Seek Control attach.
DPISPortAttachC Seek control attach.
DPOSPortAttachC Seek control attach.
DPStreamOpC Abstract stream operation.
DPIStreamOpC Stream operation handle class.
DPOStreamOpC Stream operation handle class.
DPIOPortJoinC Join an IPort and a OPort
DPProcOStreamC Wrapped Proccess handle.
DPProcIStreamC Convert process into input stream operator, handle.
DPOFileC File output stream.
DPIFileC File input stream.
DPOBinFileC Binary file output stream.
DPIBinFileC Binary file input stream.
DPFuncP2ProcC Function ptr to process handle.
DPComposeProcessC Mix two processes.
DPProcInfoC Process information.
DPConverterBaseC Converter base class
DPConverterC Type conversion handle.
DPConverterFuncC Setup data conversion function.
DPTypeInfoC Type information handle.
DPTypeInfoInstC Type information instance body.
DPIPipeBaseC Pipe base.
DPOPipeBaseC Pipe base body.
FileFormatC Templated File format
FileFormatBaseC File format base handle.
FileFormatDescC File Format descriptor.
FileFormatStreamC Create an instance of a stream File Format.
FileFormatBinStreamC Binary stream file format.
FileFormatGenericC Generic format loader.
TypeConverterC Type converter.
FileFormatRegistryC Registry of file formats.
DPFuncIStreamC Wrapped function input stream.
DPFuncOStreamC Wrapped function output stream.
DPIOConnectC Connect some IOPorts.
DPIOTapC Tap handle.
DPIFailOverC Fail over input switch.
DPMultiplexC Multiplex an operation.
DPSplitOC Output port Splitter handle.
DPEventC Event body.
DPEventSetC Set of events.
DPMethod2ProcC Methodtion handle.
DPOMethodC Send objects to a class method.
DPIMethodC Get objects from a class method.
DPPlugBaseC Input plug base.
DPIPlugBaseC Input plug base.
DPOPlugBaseC Input plug base.
DPIPlugC Plug.
DPOPlugC Plug.
DPIContainerC Input from list.
DPOContainerC Output to a container.
DPOContainerOverwriteC Output to a container.
DPTapC Tap process.
DPStreamProcessC Stream Process.
DPProcess31BodyC Process body with 2 inputs and one output.
DPProcess31C Process body with 2 inputs and one output.
DPIStreamOp21C Stream operation handle class.
DPIStreamOp31C Stream operation handle class.
DPProcess21BodyC Process body with 2 inputs and one output.
DPProcess21C Process body with 2 inputs and one output.
DPOffsetScaleC OffsetScale a stream of data.
DPIOPortC Input/Output port.
DPRunningAverageC Running average on a stream of data.
DPFileSequenceBaseC File Sequence.
DPIFileSequenceC Input File Sequence
DPOFileSequenceC Input File Sequence
DPMTIOConnectC Connect some IOPorts.
DPMTIOConnectBaseC Connect some IOPorts.
DPPlayControlC Base play control handle class.
DPIPlayControlC Stream operation handle class.
DPThreadPipeC MT safe queue handle.
DPBufferC MT safe queue handle.
DPFixedBufferC MT safe queue handle.
DPGovernorBaseC Governor base Handle.
DPGovernorC Governor Handle.
DPHoldC Hold value until replaced by put.
DateC Date & Time information.
DeadLineTimerC Dead line timer.
UserInfoC User information.
FilePermissionC Unix style file permisions.
FilenameC StringC representing a filename.
DirectoryC Directory handling.
TextFileC Text File, for use in text processing.
SerialCtrlC Class to control unix serial ports.
OSerialC Output serial stream.
ISerialC Input serial stream.
IOSerialC Input/Output serial stream.
DMABufferC Buffer suitable for DMA transfers
OSProcessC OSProcess handle.
ChildOSProcessC Child process handle.
ExceptionNetC Networking exception.
SocketC Socket connection handle.
NetOStreamC Output stream to memory.
NetIStreamC Input stream from memory.
NetPacketC Packet of stream encoded data.
NetEndPointC An end point for a network packet base protocol.
NetMsgRegisterC Net message handle.
NetMsgCall0C Net message Signal0
NetMsgCall1C Net message Signal1
NetMsgCall2C NetMsgCall2
NetMsgCall3C NetMsgCall3
NetISPortC Input port.
NetISPortServerBaseC Input port server base.
NetISPortServerC Input port.
NetPortManagerC Net port manager.
NetPortClientC NetPortClient.
NetPortFormatC Data format for NetPort's.
ThreadC Thread handle.
MutexC Mutual Exclusion lock.
MutexLockC Exception safe MutexC locking class.
ConditionalMutexC Conditional variable.
SemaphoreC Semaphore.
RWLockC Read/Write lock.
RWLockHoldC Exception safe RWLockC locking class.
SemaphoreRC Reference counted semaphore.
ThreadEventC Broadcast Event.
MessageQueueC Thread safe queue.
LaunchThreadC Launch event handle.
TickerTriggerC Ticker handle.
Signal0C Signal 0 handle.
SignalConnectorC Signal connector handle.
SignalInterConnect0C class for signal interconnector with 0 args.
Signal0FuncC Signal a function
Signal0MethodC Signal a method.
Signal0MethodRefC Signal a method.
TimedTriggerQueueC Timed event queue.
Signal2C Signal with 2 arguments
SignalInterConnect2C class for signal interconnector with 1 arg.
Signal2FuncC Signal a function
Signal2MethodC Signal a method.
Signal2MethodRefC Signal a method.
Signal3C Signal with 3 arguments.
SignalInterConnect3C class for signal interconnector with 1 arg.
Signal3FuncC Signal a function
Signal3MethodC Signal a method.
Signal3MethodRefC Signal a method.
Signal1C Signal with 1 argument
SignalInterConnect1C class for signal interconnector with 1 arg.
Signal1FuncC Signal a function
Signal1MethodC Signal a method.
Signal1MethodRefC Signal a method.
SignalConnectionSetC Signal connection set body.
TextFileLineC Class for holding a single line of text.
TextBufferC Text buffer.
TextCursorC Cursor in text buffer.
TextFileBodyC Text File, for use in text processing.
TemplateFileC Subsitute variables in a template file.
TextFragmentC Fragment of text in a buffer.
ConfigFileC Config file.
TemplateComplexC Complex template body.
TMatrixC Templated matrix's.
TVectorC Templated vectors.
VectorC Vector of real values.
VectorMatrixC A vector and a matrix together for n-D space
MatrixC Matrix of real values.
MatrixRUTC Right Upper Triangular matrix.
MatrixRSC Positive Symetric matrix
FMatrixC Real Matrix with templated size.
FVectorC Real Vector with templated size
Vector2dC 2D Vector
Vector3dC 3D Vector
Vector4dC 4D Vector
Matrix2dC 2 by 2 matrix of real values.
Matrix3dC 3 by 3 matrix of real values.
Matrix4dC 4 by 4 matrix of real values.
VectorMatrix2dC 2D Vector matrix.
VectorMatrix3dC 3D Vector matrix.
VectorMatrix4dC 4D Vector matrix.
FPointC Real point with templated size
Point2dC 2D Point
FAffineC General affine transformation.
Point4dC Point in 4D space.
LineABC2dC Line in 2D space - equation Ax+By+C = 0
Curve2dC 2d Parametric curve
Curve2dIC 2d Parametric Curve Body Template
Curve2dLineC Parametric Line.
Curve2dLineSegmentC Parametric line segement.
Line2dIterC Iterate throught interger grid points along a 2d line.
Affine2dC 2-D affine transformation
Moments2d2C The first two moments in 2D space
LinePP3dC Line determined by two points in 3D space
PlaneABCD3dC Plane in 3D space - equation Ax+By+Cz+D = 0
LinePV3dC Line determined by one point and a vector in 3D space
MeanCovariance3dC Mean covariance in 3 dimentions.
Point3dC Point in 3d space.
PlanePVV3dC Plane in 3D space
Quatern3dC Quaternion
RigidTransform3dC Rigid transform in 3 dimentions.
CrackCodeC Crackcode or Freeman code
BVertexC Boundary vertex
EdgeC Elementary boundary edge
BoundaryC Crack code boundary
MeanVarianceC Mean and variance of a single variable.
MeanCovarianceC Mean and covariance together in N-D space
MeanNdC Mean in N-D space
MeanC Mean a single variable.
FMeanC Mean in N-D space
FMeanCovarianceC Mean and covariance together in N-D space
MeanCovariance2dC Mean covariance in 2 dimentions.
NormalC Model a normal (or gauss) multi-dimensional distribution.
HistogramC Histogram with discrete bins.
RealHistogram1dC Create a histogram of real values.
RealHistogram2dC Create a histogram of real values.
PrimitiveBinaryPolynomialC Evaluate a binary polynomial in a recurance sequence.
SobolSequenceC Generate a sobel sequence.
CircleIterC Iterate around a circle.
PermutationIterC Iterate permutations.
CombinationIterC Combination iterator.
SquareIterC Clockwise iterate through a square.
FFT1dC Handle to 1d FFT.
PowerSpectrum1dC Power Spectrum
RealCepstralC Compute the real cepstral
FFT2dC 2d FFT.
DataSet1IterC Iterate through a data set.
DataSet2IterC Iterate through a data set.
DataSet3IterC Iterate through a data set.
SampleIterC Iterate through a sample.
SampleC Sample of DataT's
SampleVectorC Sample of vectors.
SampleDiscreteC Sample of discrete objects.
DataSetBaseC Data set base class
SampleLabelC Sample of labels.
DataSet1C Data set
DataSet2C Data set
DataSet3C Data set
Function1C Map a vector to a single real value.
DesignerC Designer base class.
DesignFunctionSupervisedC Supervised function designer.
DesignFunctionUnsupervisedC Unsupervised function designer.
DistanceC Distance Metric
DistanceEuclideanC Euclidean distance metric
DistanceMaxC Distance max Metric
DistanceCityBlockC Distance, City block Metric
DistanceMahalanobisC Mahalanobis distance metric
DistanceSqrEuclideanC SqrEuclidean distance metric
DistanceRobustC Robust magnitude metric.
FuncLinearC Linear function.
FuncQuadraticC Quadratic function.
FuncOrthPolynomialC Orthogonal Polynomial function.
DesignFuncLSQC Design function with Least Squares Fitting.
FuncPDFC Abstract Probablity Distribution Function.
FuncPDFNormalC Set of normal distributions.
ReducePCAC Dimention reduction by Principle Component Analysis
ReduceLinearC Linear dimension reduction.
ClassifyVectorC Generic classifier.
DesignClassifyVectorC Abstract classifer designer.
DesignDiscriminantFunctionC Design a discriminat function classifier.
DesignKNearestNeighbourC Design a discriminat function classifier.
ClassifyKNearestNeighbourC k nearest neighbours classifier.
ClassifyAverageNearestNeighbourC ClassifyAverage k nearest neighbour classifier.
DefsMkFileC Interograte a file.
SourceCodeManagerC Base class for source tree processing tools.
RCSFileC Body class for dealing with RCS files.
RCSVersionC Class representing an RCS version number.
LibInfoC Information about library.
ProgInfoC Information about an executable.
BuildInfoC Collects information about library dependancies.
AutoPortSourceC Code Porting tool.
AutoPortGeneratorC Auto port engine
ImageRectangleC Image Rectangle.
ImageC Basic Image
RGBAValueC RGBA Pixel.
YUVValueC YUV Pixel base class.
ByteRGBValueC Byte RGB value class.
RGBValueC RGB Pixel base class.
ByteRGBAValueC Byte RGBA value class.
IAValueC Image & Alpha Pixel.
ByteYUVValueC Byte YUV value class.
ByteIAValueC Byte Intensity and Alpha value class.
RealYUVValueC Real YUV value class.
RealRGBValueC Real RGB value class.
UInt16RGBValueC UInt16 RGB value class.
ByteYUVAValueC Byte YUVA value class.
BGRAValueC BGRA Pixel.
ByteBGRAValueC Byte BGRA value class.
YUVAValueC YUVA Pixel base class.
YUV422ValueC YUV422 Pixel base class.
ByteYUV422ValueC Byte YUV 422 value class.
VYUValueC VYU Pixel base class.
ByteVYUValueC Byte VYU value class.
FontC Font for rendering text.
DPIImagePNMByteRGBC Load a RGB image in PPM format.
DPOImagePNMByteRGBC Save a RGB image in PPM format.
DPIImagePNMByteGreyC Load a byte image in PGM format.
DPOImagePNMByteGreyC Save a byte image in PGM format.
FileFormatPPMC Create an instance of a PPM File Format.
FileFormatPGMC Create an instance of a PGM File Format.
FileFormatPBMC Create an instance of a PGM File Format.
DPIImageCifC Load a YUV image in Cif format.
DPOImageCifC Save a YUV image in Cif format.
FileFormatCifC Create an instance of a Cif File Format.
FileFormatYUVC Create an instance of a YUV File Format.
FileFormatSYUVC Create an instance of a YUV File Format.
DPIImageYUVC Load a YUV image in YUV format.
DPOImageYUVC Save a YUV image in YUV format.
FileFormatRGBC Create an instance of a RGB File Format.
FileFormatRawC Create an instance of a RGB File Format.
FileFormatJSC Create an instance of a Jaleo js File Format.
DPIImageJSC Load a Jaleo js file in YUV 422 format.
DPOImageJSC Save a js file in YUV 422 format.
DPIImageRGBC Load a RGB image in RGB format.
DPOImageRGBC Save a RGB image in raw RGB format.
DPOMultiVidC Multi-view video sequence output port
FileFormatMultiVidC Multi-view video sequence format definition class
DPIImageJPegByteRGBC Load a RGB image in JPEG format.
DPOImageJPegByteRGBC Save a RGB image in JPEG format.
DPIImageJPegByteYUVC Load a YUV image in JPEG format.
DPOImageJPegByteYUVC Save a YUV image in JPEG format.
DPIImageJPegByteGreyC Load a Grey image in JPEG format.
DPOImageJPegByteGreyC Save a Grey image in JPEG format.
FileFormatJPEGC Create an instance of a JPEG File Format.
DPIImagePNGByteRGBC Load a RGB image in PPM format.
DPOImagePNGByteRGBC Save a RGB image in PPM format.
DPIImagePNGByteGreyC Load a RGB image in PPM format.
DPOImagePNGByteGreyC Save a RGB image in PPM format.
FileFormatPNGC Create an instance of a PNG File Format.
DPIImageTIFFByteRGBAC Load a RGB image in PPM format.
DPOImageTIFFByteRGBAC Save a RGB image in PPM format.
FileFormatTIFFC Create an instance of a TIFF File Format.
Rectangle2dIterC Slide a rectangular window over a larger rectangle.
SummedAreaTableC Summed Area Table.
PyramidScanC Scan an image from course to fine resolution.
ConvolveSeparable2dC Separable 2D Convolution
Convolve2dC 2D Convolution
ConvolveHorz2dC Horzontal 2D Convolution with a 1D filter.
ConvolveVert2dC Vertontal 2D Convolution with a 1D filter.
BilinearInterpolationC Scale an image using bi-Linear Interpolation.
HomomorphicFilterC Homomorphic filter
HistogramEqualiseC Histogram Equalisation.
Correlate2dC 2D Convolution
EdgeSobelC Sobel edge detection engine.
EdgeDericheC Deriche edge filter.
EdgeNonMaxSuppressionC Linear non-maximal suppression.
EdgelC Edge Location, Direction and Magniture information.
EdgeDetectorC Edge detector.
ChromaThresholdRGBC Chroma threholding
SegmentationC Segmentation map.
ConnectedComponentsCompairC Default compariston operator for connected components
ConnectedComponentsC Connected component labelling.
BlueScreenC Simple and fast blue screen mask generation.
PixelMapC Binned hash table of pixels in an image.
PixelMapSearchC Pixel map search base class.
PCIndex2dC Pixel near parametric curve.
PCPixelListC List of PCPixels.
PCPixMapC Simple mapping between a curve and some pixels.
PCPixMappingC Mappings from a curve to a set of pixels.
PPHoughTransformC Progressive Probablistic Hough Transform.
CornerC Corner descriptor.
CornerDetectorBodyC Abstract corner detector.
CornerDetectorC Abstract corner detector.
CornerDetectorHarrisC Harris corner detector.
PointTrackC Information on a single point track.
PointTrackModelC Tracking information on a single point.
PointTrackerC Point tracker.
DPIImageV4LC V4L frame grabber.
FileFormatV4LC Create an instance of a V4L File Format.
DPIImageMeteor1C Meteor1 frame grabber.
FileFormatMeteor1C Create an instance of a Meteor1 File Format.
VertexC Vertex in a mesh.
TriC Triangle in TriMesh.
TriMeshC Triangular 3d mesh.
HEMeshVertexC Vertex.
HEMeshEdgeC Half edge in mesh.
HEMeshFaceC Face in mesh.
HEMeshC Half Edge Mesh
HEMeshFaceEdgeIterC Iterate through edges around a face.
HEMeshVertexIterC Mesh vertex iterator.
HEMeshFaceBodyC Face in mesh.
HEMeshVertexEdgeIterC Iterate through edges around a vertex.
HEMeshFaceIterC Mesh face iterator.
DPITriFileC Tri file IO.
DPOTriFileC Tri file IO.
FileFormatTriC Create an instance of a Tri File Format.
DPIMeshObjC Tri file IO.
DPOMeshObjC Tri file IO.
FileFormatObjC Create an instance of a Obj File Format.
PinholeCamera0C Simple pinhole camera model
VoxelSetC A cuboid of volume cells (voxels) in 3D space
PointSetC Array of 3D vertices and attributes
StateC Abstract state description.
VarC Variable
BindSetC Set of bindings.
LiteralC Literalol
LiteralIterC Abstract iterator through a set of literals.
BindC Information about a single binding.
BindSetBodyC Set of bindings.
TupleC Tuple of literals.
LListC Logical List.
ConditionC Abstract condition
MinTermC Logical Minterm.
OrC Or a set of conditions.
AndC And a set of conditions.
NotC Not a condition.
LiteralIterWrapC Wrap a simple iterator with one derived from LiteralIterC.
LiteralMapListIterC Literal map list iterator.
LiteralMapIterC Abstract literal map iterator.
LiteralIter1C Dummy iterator for cases where there are only 1 or zero solutions.
StateOrIterC Iterate through possible solutions in a state for a 'or' condition.
StateSetC Set based implementation of a set.
LiteralFilterIterC Filter the results of another iterator.
StateAndIterC Iterate through possible solutions in a state for a 'or' condition.
MinTermIterC Iterator though terms in a min term.
LiteralIndexLeafC Index leaf with user data.
LiteralIndexElementC Index element.
LiteralIndexLeafDataC Index leaf with user data.
LiteralIndexNodeC Literal index node.
LiteralIndexIterC Iterate through the entire contents of LiteralIndexC.
LiteralIndexC Literal index.
LiteralIndexFilterC Index filter
LiteralIndexLeafIterC Literal Index leaf iterator.
BMinTermIndexIterC Branching MinTerm Index iterator.
BLiteralIndexC Branching literal index.
BMinTermIndexC Branching MinTerm Index.
BMinTermListIndexC This is a specialisation of VLNPIndex.
DecisionTreeElementC Decision tree.
DecisionTreeLeafC Leaf in the decision tree.
DecisionTreeBaseC Decision tree.
DecisionTreeC Decision tree.
DecisionTreeBranchC Branch in the decision tree.
DecisionTreeBranchBinaryC Decision tree.
DecisionExamplesC Decision Example Set.
DiscriminatorBodyC Tool to find an expression which discriminates between sets of states.
DiscriminatorC Tool to find an expression which discriminates between sets of states.
SampleLiteralC Set of example literals.
SampleStateC Set of example states.
NLPCausalLinkC Information stored in a causal link.
NLPStepC Step in nonlinear plan.
NLPAgendaOpenGoalC Agenda item open goal
NLPAgendaThreatC Agenda item threat.
NonLinearPlanC non-linear plan handle
NLPAgendaItemC Agent item base handle class.
NLPAgendaOpenGoalBodyC Agenda item body open goal
NLPAgendaThreatBodyC Agenda item body threat.
NLPlannerC Planner class.
ObjectC Ya basic object.
ObjectListC Object list
DerivedC Derivedd object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
ClassTemplateC Templated class.
MethodTemplateC Templated function.
DesciptionGeneratorC Description generator.
CommentInfoC Generate a full path name, with template paramiter subs. Class containing comment info.
DocumentC Documentor
ScopeC Scoped object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
InheritIterC Iterator through all objects in the inheritance hirachy.
DataTypeC DataTyped object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
ClassC Class storage object.
MethodC Methodd object.
TypedefC Typedefd object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
VariableC Variabled object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
MarkerC Markerd object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
InheritC Inheritd object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
EnumC Enumd object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
ParserC C++ File Parser
DocNodeC Doc node.
DocTreeC Documentation tree body.
WindowC Window handle.
ManagerC GUI Manager class
WidgetC Base Widget handle.
MenuC Pixmap
GTKSignalInfoC Signal info
CursorC Cursor handle
MouseEventC Mouse event information.
CListEventC Print description of mouse event to stream.
ButtonC Button handle.
PixmapC Pixmap
ToolTipsC Tool tip set handle.
ContainerWidgetC Container Widget
OneChildC Base class for all widgets with exactly one child.
PackInfoC Packing info widget.
MenuItemC Menu item
MenuBarC Pixmap
LabelC Label
LBoxC Layout box
FileSelectorC FileSelector
TextEntryC TextEntry
SliderC Slider
ScrolledAreaC ScrolledArea handle.
FixedWidgetC Fixed layout widget.
EventBoxC Event box.
FrameC Put a frame around some other widgets.
ToggleButtonC Toggle Button handle.
CheckButtonC Check Button handle.
StatusBarC Status bar.
ComboC Combo handle.
ListC List handle.
MenuCheckItemC Menu item
RawCanvasC RawCanvas handle.
TableC Table.
TreeC Tree
TreeItemC Leaf of tree.
SeparatorC Vertical or horizontal separator.
RulerC Ruler .
BitmapC Bitmap.
NotebookC Notebook
CListCellC Cell info.
CListC CList widget.
VLabelC Vertical Label.
SpinButtonC Spin button body.
RadioButtonC Radio button
ProgressBarC Vertical or horizontal separator.
TextBoxC TextBox
PositionTimeC Position and time of an event.
DNDDataInfoC Drag and drop info.
PanedC Base class for all widgets with exactly one child.
CanvasC Widget in which graphics can be rendered.
Canvas3DC 3D Canvas Widget.
DObject3DC Handle to basic object in a 3d world.
DOpenGLC OpenGL code invokation class.
DObjectSet3DC Handle to basic object in a 3d world.
DLight3DC Draw some lines.
DViewPoint3DC Setup a view point in the 3D world.
DCube3DC Handle to basic object in a 3d world.
DTransform3DC Transform objects
DTriMesh3DC Draw a TriMesh
DPWindowC DP Window.
DPDisplayObjC Display object.
DPDisplayImageRGBC DPDisplayObj to handle images.
DPDisplayImageRealC DPDisplayObj to handle images.
DPDisplayImageByteC DPDisplayObj to handle images.
DPWindowOPortC Window OPort.
DPDisplayViewC Widget for displaying DPDisplayObjC's.
PlayControlC Play Control GUI interface.
DFAttachC Attachment point descriptor.
DFObjectC Abstract handle for data flow object.
FactoryC Factory base class.
DFSystemC System of DFObjects.
DFAttachBodyC Attachment point descriptor.
ViewElementC Element in a view.
ViewElementBodyC Element in a view.
ViewLinkC View of link between objects.
DFDataC Data object.
DFEditorC Data flow editor.
DFProcessC Data object.
DFStreamOpC Data object.
DFPortC Port base class
DFIPortC Port base class
DFOPortC Port base class
DFIPlugC Plug base class
DFOPlugC Plug base class
FactorySetC Set of factories.
GUIViewC View of data flow system.
GUIFactoryC Factory GUI.
DFPumpC Data object.
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