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TypeConverterC::FindConversion(const type_info &,const type_info &,RealT &)
TypeConverterC::FindConversion(const type_info &,const type_info &)
TypeConverterC::CanConvert(const type_info &,const type_info &)
TypeConverterC::DoConvertion(const RCAbstractC &,const type_info &,const type_info &)
TypeConverterC::Insert(DPConverterBaseC &)
TypeConverterC::Remove(DPConverterBaseC &)
TypeConverterC::TypeConvert(const InT &,OutT &)
TypeConverterC::TypeConvert(const RCWrapAbstractC &,OutT &)
RCHandleC::operator =(const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::DeepCopy(UIntT) const
RCHandleC::operator ==(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::operator !=(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::Hash(void) const
RCHandleC::IsValid(void) const
RCHandleC::IsHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::CheckHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::References(void) const
RCHandleC::operator <<(ostream &,const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::operator >>(istream &,RCHandleC &)

Type converter.
include "Ravl/DP/TypeConverter.hh"
User Level:Advanced
In Scope:RavlN

This class provides a mechanism for handle conversions between two types. Its main use is converting data held in an abstract handle into a type which a particular piece of code can handle.

It holds the set of available conversions as a graph, and searches for the least cost path between two nodes (c++ types) in the graph.

The cost function attempts to minimise the sum of the data data losses, the costs a represented as ratio of bits of information given to those sent out. e.g. The cost of converting a (32 bit) int into a char is 4 32/8. Strictly speaking the losses should be multiplied, but this gives no preference to shorter conversion paths, so I've chosen to simply add them. If someone comes up with a single example where this crude approximation causes problems I'll put together a more sophisticated scheme, until then it will do.

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Default constructor.


DListC<DPConverterBaseC> FindConversion(const type_info & from,const type_info & to,RealT & finalCost)
Find a conversion.
If found the cost of conversion is put into finalCost.

DListC<DPConverterBaseC> FindConversion(const type_info & from,const type_info & to)
Find a conversion.

bool CanConvert(const type_info & from,const type_info & to)
Test if conversion is possible.

RCAbstractC DoConvertion(const RCAbstractC & dat,const type_info & from,const type_info & to)
Do conversion through abstract handles.

bool Insert(DPConverterBaseC & tc)
Insert new conversion.

bool Remove(DPConverterBaseC & tc)
Remove old conversion.

bool TypeConvert(const InT & inraw,OutT & outraw)
Do a conversion.
This is really only for testing, if you know exactly what the types of the objects are you can convert directly.

bool TypeConvert(const RCWrapAbstractC & in,OutT & outraw)
Do a conversion from an object held in an abstract handle.

GraphC<StringC,DPConverterBaseC> & Graph()
Access converstion graph.

#include "Ravl/RefCounter.hh"
const RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> & operator =(const RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> & oth)
Assign handle.

RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> DeepCopy(UIntT levels = ((UIntT))) const
Do a deep copy of the object.

bool operator ==(const RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to the same object ?

bool operator !=(const RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to different objects ?

UIntT Hash() const
Default hash function.
This hashes on the address of the body.

bool IsValid() const
Test if this is a valid handle.

void Invalidate()
Invalidate this handle.
Unattaches the body from the handle.

bool IsHandleType(const DT &) const
Is handle of given type ?

void CheckHandleType(const DT & dummy) const
Check handle type. Throw an expception if not.

UIntT References() const
Find the number of references to the body of this object.

ostream & operator <<(ostream & strm,const RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> & obj)

istream & operator >>(istream & strm,RCHandleC<TypeConverterBodyC> & obj)

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