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Ravl - Pattern Recognition - Dimension Reduction - ReducePCAC

ReducePCAC::DesignHighDim(SampleC &,RealT)
ReducePCAC::DesignLowDim(SampleC &,RealT)
ReduceC::Apply(const VectorC &)
ReduceC::VariationPreserved(void) const
FunctionC::Apply(const VectorC &) const
FunctionC::Apply(const SampleC &)
FunctionC::operator ()(const VectorC &) const
FunctionC::Jacobian(const VectorC &) const
FunctionC::Evaluate(const VectorC &)
FunctionC::InputSize(void) const
FunctionC::OutputSize(void) const
RCHandleVC::Save(ostream &) const
RCHandleVC::Save(BinOStreamC &) const
RCHandleVC::operator >>(istream &,RCHandleVC &)
RCHandleVC::operator >>(BinIStreamC &,RCHandleVC &)
RCHandleC::operator =(const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::DeepCopy(UIntT) const
RCHandleC::operator ==(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::operator !=(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::Hash(void) const
RCHandleC::IsValid(void) const
RCHandleC::IsHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::CheckHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::References(void) const
RCHandleC::operator <<(ostream &,const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::operator >>(istream &,RCHandleC &)

Dimention reduction by Principle Component Analysis
include "Ravl/PatternRec/ReducePCA.hh"
User Level:Normal
In Scope:RavlN

Parent Classes: Methods:
Default constructor.

void DesignHighDim(SampleC<VectorC> & sample,RealT variation)
Design the PCA transform.

void DesignLowDim(SampleC<VectorC> & sample,RealT variation)
Design the PCA transform.

#include "Ravl/PatternRec/Reduce.hh"
VectorC Apply(const VectorC & data)
Reduce the dimension of 'data'.

RealT VariationPreserved() const
An estimate of the variation preserved by the transform.

#include "Ravl/PatternRec/Function.hh"
VectorC Apply(const VectorC & data) const
Apply function to 'data'

SampleC<VectorC> Apply(const SampleC<VectorC> & data)
Apply transform to whole dataset.

VectorC operator ()(const VectorC & X) const
Evaluate Y=f(X)

MatrixC Jacobian(const VectorC & X) const
Calculate Jacobian matrix at X
Performs numerical estimation of the Jacobian using differences. This function has and should be overloaded for all cases where the Jacobian can be calculated analytically.

VectorMatrixC Evaluate(const VectorC & X)
Evalate the function and its jacobian at the same time.
This method defaults to calling 'Apply' and 'Jacobian' sperately.

UIntT InputSize() const
Size of input vector

UIntT OutputSize() const
Size of output vector

UIntT InputSize(UIntT inSize)
Set the input size.
This is for use of designer classes, changing the input size of an existing function has undefined effects.

UIntT OutputSize(UIntT outSize)
Set the output size.
This is for use of designer classes, changing the output size of an existing function has undefined effects.

#include "Ravl/RCHandleV.hh"
bool Save(ostream & out) const
Save to stream 'out'.

bool Save(BinOStreamC & out) const
Save to binary stream 'out'.

RCAbstractC Abstract()
Create an abstract handle.

istream & operator >>(istream & strm,RCHandleVC<FunctionBodyC> & obj)

BinIStreamC & operator >>(BinIStreamC & strm,RCHandleVC<FunctionBodyC> & obj)

#include "Ravl/RefCounter.hh"
const RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> & operator =(const RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> & oth)
Assign handle.

RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> DeepCopy(UIntT levels = ((UIntT))) const
Do a deep copy of the object.

bool operator ==(const RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to the same object ?

bool operator !=(const RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to different objects ?

UIntT Hash() const
Default hash function.
This hashes on the address of the body.

bool IsValid() const
Test if this is a valid handle.

void Invalidate()
Invalidate this handle.
Unattaches the body from the handle.

bool IsHandleType(const DT &) const
Is handle of given type ?

void CheckHandleType(const DT & dummy) const
Check handle type. Throw an expception if not.

UIntT References() const
Find the number of references to the body of this object.

ostream & operator <<(ostream & strm,const RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> & obj)

istream & operator >>(istream & strm,RCHandleC<FunctionBodyC> & obj)

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