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RCSFileC::RCSFileC(const FilenameC &)
RCSFileC::RCSFileC(const StringC &)
RCSFileC::RCSFileC(const RCSFileC &)
RCSFileC::Exists(void) const
RCSFileC::AddUser(const StringC &)
RCSFileC::RemoveUser(const StringC &)
RCSFileC::ExtractInital(StringC &,StringC &)
RCSFileC::HasAccess(const UserInfoC &)
RCSFileC::HasChangedFrom(const RCSFileC &,RCSVersionC)
RCSFileC::Filename(void) const
RCSFileC::BinCompare(const FilenameC &) const
RCSFileC::CopyTo(const FilenameC &) const
RCSFileC::operator StringC(void) const
RCSFileC::operator FilenameC(void) const
RCHandleC::operator =(const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::DeepCopy(UIntT) const
RCHandleC::operator ==(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::operator !=(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::Hash(void) const
RCHandleC::IsValid(void) const
RCHandleC::IsHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::CheckHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::References(void) const
RCHandleC::operator <<(ostream &,const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::operator >>(istream &,RCHandleC &)

Body class for dealing with RCS files.
include "Ravl/SourceTools/RCSFile.hh"
User Level:Normal
In Scope:RavlN

Parent Classes: Methods:
Default constructor.

RCSFileC(const FilenameC & aname)
Construct from a filename.

RCSFileC(const StringC & aname)
Construct from a string.

RCSFileC(const RCSFileC & oth)
Copy Constructor.

bool Exists() const
Does file exists ?

bool IsCheckedOut()
Is file checked out ?

bool CheckOut()
Check out file.
Return true=Operation succeded.

bool NeedsUpdate()
Check the time stamps on the file to see if update is needed.

bool CheckIn(StringC cimsg = "RCSFileC Checkin")
Check in file.
Return true=Operation succeded.

StringC CheckOutUL(StringC version = "",FilenameC dest = ".")
Checkout a unlocked version of this file to somewhere.
dest is a directory in which to put the file.

Returns name of checkedout file, or empty string if failed.

bool Update()
Make sure unlocked file is up to date.

bool AddUser(const StringC & login)
Add user to access list.

bool RemoveUser(const StringC & login)
Remove user from access list.

bool UsesRCS()
Test if file has an RCS database.

bool IsDifferent(FilenameC other,StringC vers = "")
Is this working file different from some other version of a particular file.

bool IsDiffFromHead()
Test if current version of file is different from head.

bool ParseRCS()
Extract info from RCS file.

bool ExtractInital(StringC & author,StringC & date)
Who originaly checkin in the file and the date it happened.

DListC<Tuple4C<DateC,StringC,RCSVersionC,StringC>> ListLogEntries()
List all log entries after version 'afterVer'.

bool Possess(bool verbose = false)
Possess file.
Change owner ship of RCS db file to that of the the current user. (If possible). NB. This user must own the RCS directory!

bool HasAccess(const UserInfoC & auser)
Test if a user has access.

bool IsAvailable()
Test if file is available to modify.
User must have access to file and it can't be locked by anyone else.

RCSVersionC HeadVersion()
Get head version.

bool HasChangedFrom(RCSVersionC fromVer)
Has file changed from version 'fromVer' ?

bool HasChangedFrom(const RCSFileC & oth,RCSVersionC fromVer)
Has file changed from version 'fromVer' of oth ?
Similar to IsDifferent()

FilenameC & Filename()
Access filename.

const FilenameC & Filename() const
Access filename.

bool BinCompare(const FilenameC & fn) const
Binary compair working files.

bool CopyTo(const FilenameC & fn) const
Copy this working file somewhere else.

operator StringC() const
Access as a string.

operator FilenameC() const
Access as a Filename.

#include "Ravl/RefCounter.hh"
const RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> & operator =(const RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> & oth)
Assign handle.

RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> DeepCopy(UIntT levels = ((UIntT))) const
Do a deep copy of the object.

bool operator ==(const RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to the same object ?

bool operator !=(const RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to different objects ?

UIntT Hash() const
Default hash function.
This hashes on the address of the body.

bool IsValid() const
Test if this is a valid handle.

void Invalidate()
Invalidate this handle.
Unattaches the body from the handle.

bool IsHandleType(const DT &) const
Is handle of given type ?

void CheckHandleType(const DT & dummy) const
Check handle type. Throw an expception if not.

UIntT References() const
Find the number of references to the body of this object.

ostream & operator <<(ostream & strm,const RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> & obj)

istream & operator >>(istream & strm,RCHandleC<RCSFileBodyC> & obj)

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