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InheritC::InheritC(ObjectC &)
InheritC::IsA(const ObjectC &)
InheritC::SetScopeDef(const ObjectC &)
InheritC::ScopeDef(RCHashC &)
InheritC::IsVirtual(void) const
ObjectC::Name(void) const
ObjectC::SetName(const StringC &)
ObjectC::TypeName(void) const
ObjectC::SetComment(const CommentInfoC &)
ObjectC::Comment(void) const
ObjectC::SetVar(const StringC &,const StringC &)
ObjectC::Var(const StringC &)
ObjectC::Var(const StringC &) const
ObjectC::IsVar(const StringC &) const
ObjectC::Dump(ostream &,int)
ObjectC::SetScope(ObjectC &)
ObjectC::UpdateComment(CommentInfoC &)
ObjectC::SetParentScope(ScopeBodyC *)
ObjectC::HasParentScope(void) const
ObjectC::FullPath(void) const
ObjectC::ActualPath(void) const
ObjectC::PathList(void) const
ObjectC::CopyLineNo(const ObjectC &)
ObjectC::IncludeLineNo(const ObjectC &)
ObjectC::SetupLineNos(const ObjectC &,const ObjectC &)
ObjectC::SetupLineNos(const ObjectC &,const ObjectC &,const ObjectC &)
ObjectC::IsTemplate(void) const
ObjectC::Hash(void) const
ObjectC::operator ==(const ObjectC &) const
ObjectC::BaseName(void) const
ObjectC::FullName(RCHashC &,DesciptionGeneratorC &,int) const
ObjectC::Subst(RCHashC &) const
RCHandleC::operator =(const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::DeepCopy(UIntT) const
RCHandleC::operator ==(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::operator !=(const RCHandleC &) const
RCHandleC::Hash(void) const
RCHandleC::IsValid(void) const
RCHandleC::IsHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::CheckHandleType(const DT &) const
RCHandleC::References(void) const
RCHandleC::operator <<(ostream &,const RCHandleC &)
RCHandleC::operator >>(istream &,RCHandleC &)

Inheritd object. like a class, struct, or namespace.
include "Ravl/CxxDoc/CxxElements.hh"
User Level:Normal
In Scope:RavlCxxDocN

Parent Classes: Methods:
Default Constructor.
creates an invalid object.

InheritC(ScopeAccessT nscopeAccess,bool useNamespace = false)

InheritC(ObjectC & obj)
Base class constructor.

static bool IsA(const ObjectC & obj)
Is object a class ?

void SetScopeDef(const ObjectC & obj)
Set the scope definition.
Used in parser.

StringC ScopeDef()
Scope definition as a string.

StringC ScopeDef(RCHashC<StringC,ObjectC> & ts)
Scope definition as a string.
with template substitutions.

ScopeC & From()
Object we inherit from;

ScopeAccessT ScopeAccess()
Access to object.

bool IsVirtual() const
Test if object is virtual.

void SetVirtual(bool val)
Set virtual inheritance flag.

bool Resolve()
Attempt to resolve inherited class.

RCHashC<StringC,ObjectC> & TemplateSubs()
Access template subsitutions.

#include "Ravl/CxxDoc/Object.hh"
StringC & Name()
Name of object.

const StringC & Name() const
Name of object.

void SetName(const StringC & nname)
Name of object.

const char * TypeName() const
Get name of object type.

void SetComment(const CommentInfoC & cinf)
Set comment info.

CommentInfoC & Comment()
Access comment.

const CommentInfoC & Comment() const
Access comment.

void SetVar(const StringC & nm,const StringC & value)
Set variable.

StringC Var(const StringC & nm)
Set variable.

StringC Var(const StringC & nm) const
Set variable.

bool IsVar(const StringC & nm) const
Set variable.

void Dump(ostream & out,int indent = 0)
Dump to 'out' in human readable form.

void SetScope(ObjectC & obj)
Set scope for object.

void UpdateComment(CommentInfoC & newComment)
Update the comments for the object.

ObjectC GetScope()
Set scope for object.

void SetParentScope(ScopeBodyC * ns)
Setup parent scope.

bool HasParentScope() const
Has a parent been set ?

ScopeBodyC & ParentScope()
Access parent.
ONLY valid if HasParent() returns true.

StringC FullPath() const
Get full path to object.

StringC ActualPath() const
Resolve data references correctly.

ObjectListC PathList() const
: Generate path list to this object.

int & StartLineno()
where does object start.

int & EndLineno()
where does object end.

void CopyLineNo(const ObjectC & ob)
Copy line no from object.

void IncludeLineNo(const ObjectC & ob)
Include lines into object.

void SetupLineNos(const ObjectC & ob1,const ObjectC & ob2)
Include lines into object.

void SetupLineNos(const ObjectC & ob1,const ObjectC & ob2,const ObjectC & ob3)
Include lines into object.

bool IsTemplate() const
Is this a templated object ?

ObjectListC & TemplArgList()
Access arg list.

UIntT Hash() const
Hash number for object.

bool operator ==(const ObjectC & ob) const
Is equal ?

const StringC & BaseName() const
Return base name.

StringC FullName(RCHashC<StringC,ObjectC> & templSub = emptyTemplSubst,DesciptionGeneratorC & dg = defaultDescGen,int maxDepth = 40) const
Get full name of object
template args and all.

ObjectC Subst(RCHashC<StringC,ObjectC> & subst) const
Create a new object with subsituted args.

#include "Ravl/RefCounter.hh"
const RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> & operator =(const RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> & oth)
Assign handle.

RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> DeepCopy(UIntT levels = ((UIntT))) const
Do a deep copy of the object.

bool operator ==(const RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to the same object ?

bool operator !=(const RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> & oth) const
Are handles to different objects ?

UIntT Hash() const
Default hash function.
This hashes on the address of the body.

bool IsValid() const
Test if this is a valid handle.

void Invalidate()
Invalidate this handle.
Unattaches the body from the handle.

bool IsHandleType(const DT &) const
Is handle of given type ?

void CheckHandleType(const DT & dummy) const
Check handle type. Throw an expception if not.

UIntT References() const
Find the number of references to the body of this object.

ostream & operator <<(ostream & strm,const RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> & obj)

istream & operator >>(istream & strm,RCHandleC<ObjectBodyC> & obj)

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