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Ravl - QMake

  • Defs - Description File Variables
  • Commands - QMake Commands
  • autoport - QMake porting utility (to Visual C++ & others.)
  • sysconf - Utility to query system configuration
  • Build Structure - Directory structure generated by QMake
  • validate - Validate, utility used by QMake to do regression testing.

QMake Home Page

QMake is a flexible compilation aid, based on the GNU "make" program. It was originally developed for building the RAVL (and its predecessors) library, but it can be used for compiling any software project, however big or small.

QMake relies on a simple text file ("") being present in each directory of the project. Each describes what must be compiled from that directory.

The documentation for QMake is fragmented at present:

  • Information describing the many variables in the file for controlling what is built is given here (Description File Variables). But to begin with, all you probably need is one or two of these:

    • MAINS A list of programs to compile.
    • SOURCES Source files to compile.
    • HEADERS Header files needed for this source code.
    • PLIB Name of library to create.
    • USESLIBS Libraries needed to compile source code.
    • NESTED Subdirectories to compile.

    E.g. if all you wanted to compile was one file called "" containing a main program, the file would contain the single line:

    MAINS =
  • Type qm to compile (qm is an alias defined in the RAVL environment). The QMake command-line options describe how to use different modes of QMake.

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