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RAVL, Recognition And Vision Library
Ravl - QMake - Build Structure

Directory structure generated by QMake

QMake builds binary's and documentation into your PROJECT_OUT directory. This page describes its structure. The structure is based on the linux standard file system.

(ProjectOut)/bin Machine independant scripts.
(ProjectOut)/lib Libraries
(ProjectOut)/lib/RAVL/libdep Library dependancy files.
(ProjectOut)/lib/RAVL/(ARC)/bin Architecture specific executables.
(ProjectOut)/lib/RAVL/(ARC)/check 'check' version of the libraries.
(ProjectOut)/lib/RAVL/(ARC)/opt Optimised version of the libraries.
(ProjectOut)/lib/RAVL/(ARC)/debug Libraries with debuging information included.
(ProjectOut)/lib/RAVL/(ARC)/obj Object files from 'MUSTLINK' directive.
(ProjectOut)/share Machine independant files.
(ProjectOut)/share/doc/RAVL Documentation
(ProjectOut)/share/doc/RAVL/Auto Automaticly generated documentation.
(ProjectOut)/share/doc/RAVL/examples Example programs.
(ProjectOut)/share/doc/RAVL/html Manually created HTML pages.
(ProjectOut)/share/doc/RAVL/html Manually created HTML pages.
(ProjectOut)/share/doc/RAVL/Images Images used in the documentation.
(ProjectOut)/share/RAVL Machine independant files needed by RAVL utilities.
(ProjectOut)/share/RAVL/Admin Files need during build, these are not needed in a final installation.
(ProjectOut)/share/RAVL/QMake QMake's make files.
(ProjectOut)/include Include files.

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