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QMake Commands

QMake by default does 'check' build. There are many other operations QMake can do, the following is a summary of the commands and variables it understands.

Commonly used commands

In particualr it removes object files created during compilation for this library this forces all objects in the current library to be recompiled.
check Build binaries and libraries with consistancy checking (Default). this is the recomended target for development work.
debug Build binaries and code with debug information, but link with the check version of RAVL. This should be quicker than debugging all of RAVL.
debugfull Build binaries with debug information, link executables with the all available debug information. NB. The executables may be very large.
opt Optimised build.
shared Build optimised shared libraries/executables.
prof Output optimised code with profiling info suitable for prof.
gprof Output optimised code with profiling info suitable for gprof.
purify Build all executables in the CURRENT directory with purify. purify executables are prefixed with 'pure_'. Use only on solaris machines.
src Check-out all source, and put headers in the right place.
clean Remove all temporary files. (NB. Use VAR=... to set variant.) (See below for details)
optclean as clean with VAR=opt
dbclean as clean with VAR=debug
chkclean as clean with VAR=check
cleanlib Like clean, but removes library as well.
cleandep Remove all dependency files. Clean dependancy information. This forces the make system to recompute the library and file dependancies.
distclean Clean and remove all executables and libraries for current variant.
doc Make automatic documentation.
chead Check headers compile cleanly.
lib_info RCS- Tells you which libraries are needed/used to create an executable.
help Print this help on the QMake system.
defs List of public def's files.
test Compile and run test executables.
retest Rerun the final stage of testing.
notes Print help on more obscure/unstable parts of the QMake system.


PROCS=(no) Number of processors to use.
VAR=(check|debug|opt|shared) check (default), debug, opt
QMAKE_INFO=1 Print command lines during make.
USERCFLAGS=... Pass extra options to the compiler.


listco RCS- List all files that are checked out in source tree.
listoff List all directories that are turned off.
listfix List all lines in source than contain 'FIXME'.
ci RCS- Check in directory tree. See 'notes' for details.
docentry Make semantic documentation


  % qm qopt
Make optimised version of code, with frozen dependencies.
  % qm debug PROCS=1 QMAKE_INFO=1 
Build a debug version of file and executables, use only one processor and show the commands that are executed.
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