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Ravl - Logic


Symbolic Logic

This module deals with symbolic logic.

Much of the code in this module is based on idea's found in 'Artifical Intelligence a Modern Approach' by Stuart Russel and Peter norvig, published by Prentice Hall.

Normal classes:

 StateC Abstract state description.
 VarC Variable
 BindSetC Set of bindings.
 LiteralC Literalol
 LiteralIterC Abstract iterator through a set of literals.
 BindSetBodyC Set of bindings.
 TupleC Tuple of literals.
 LListC Logical List.
 LiteralMapListIterC Literal map list iterator.
 LiteralMapIterC Abstract literal map iterator.
 LiteralIter1C Dummy iterator for cases where there are only 1 or zero solutions.
 StateSetC Set based implementation of a set.
 LiteralFilterIterC Filter the results of another iterator.

Normal functions:

 Indent(int) Helper function for producing debug output.
 Literal(void) Create an anonymous symbol.
 operator <<(ostream &,const LiteralC &)
 Var(void) Creat an anonymous variable.
 operator <<(ostream &,const BindSetC &) output stream
 operator <<(istream &,BindSetC &) input stream
 Tuple(const LiteralC &) Create a tuple with 1 paramiter
 Tuple(const LiteralC &,const LiteralC &) Create a tuple with 2 paramiters
 Tuple(const LiteralC &,const LiteralC &,const LiteralC &) Create a tuple with 3 paramiters
 Unify(const LiteralC &,const LiteralC &,BindSetC &) Unify s1 and s2 with binds bs.
 Unify(const LiteralC &,const LiteralC &) Test if s1 and s2 can be unified.
 operator <<(ostream &,const StateC &) Write out to stream.
 operator >>(istream &,StateC &) Read in from stream.

Advanced classes:

 BindC Information about a single binding.
 LiteralIterWrapC Wrap a simple iterator with one derived from LiteralIterC.
 StateOrIterC Iterate through possible solutions in a state for a 'or' condition.
 StateAndIterC Iterate through possible solutions in a state for a 'or' condition.

Advanced functions:

 operator <<(ostream &,const BindC &) output stream
 operator <<(istream &,BindC &) input stream
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