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Data sources and sinks

The interface to DPIPortC<DataT> is fairly simple. There is a function `bool IsGetReady()' to test if any data is immediately available. `bool IsGetEOS()', tests if the end of the stream has been reached. Finally there is `bool Get(DataT &buf)' which retrieves data from the stream. It returns false if for whatever reason it fails. The interface to DPOPortC<DataT> is fairly simple. `bool IsPutReady()' tests if a stream is ready to accept data and `bool Put(const DataT &dat)' to send it.

There are several implementations of input and output in AMMA. These include ones that use the standard C++ istream and ostream. There is a binary version of these operators, BinIStreamC and BinOStreamC, for a more compact (machine independent) representation. In addition there are numerous type-specific formats which will be discussed in section Ravl.Core.IO.Formats.

Typical examples of such routines are DPOFileC<> and DPIFileC<> which use the standard C++ stream class and operators, `operator» (istream &,ClassT &x)' and `operator« (ostream &,const ClassT &x)' to load and save a set of objects to a file. These are described in most C++ text books, so we will not go into any detail here.

Normal classes:

 DataNotReadyC Exception, Data Not Ready.
 DPIPortC Input port.
 DPOPortC Output port.
 DPIOPortC Input/Output port.

Normal functions:

 operator <<(ostream &,const DPIPortC &)
 operator <<(ostream &,const DPOPortC &)
 operator >>(istream &,DPOPortC &)
 operator <<(ostream &,const DPIOPortC &)
 operator >>(istream &,DPIOPortC &) Input ports.

Advanced classes:

 DPIOPortJoinC Join an IPort and a OPort
 DPPlugBaseC Input plug base.
 DPIPlugBaseC Input plug base.
 DPOPlugBaseC Input plug base.
 DPIPlugC Plug.
 DPOPlugC Plug.

Advanced functions:

 DPIOPortJoin(const DPIPortC &,const DPOPortC &,const DPEntityC &)
 operator >>(DPOPortC &,DPOPlugC &)
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