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Docentry Comments

docentry is a CxxDoc variable that is used to specify the position of the object in the documentation tree.

A docentry variable can be set in any class declaration or .eht file. It specifies the location for that object to appear in the automatically generated and formatted documentation tree.

The location in the tree is specified by giving a path name relative to the root of the tree. Each node is separated by periods (.) and the title of a node may contain spaces but not underline characters. The following is an example entry which would put the object into the image processing subsection of images:

//! docentry="Ravl.Images"

It is quite legal for an object to appear in more than one location in the tree. In this case, each path is provided in the same docentry variable, but separated by semicolons, eg:

//! docentry="Ravl.Images;Ravl.Core.Arrays"

If you refer to any nodes in the tree that do not already exist, then they will be automatically created and appropriate menu options for subnodes will be added. It is therefore important to ensure that you spell all the names correctly, and where you are contributing in a common area, that you use one of the predefined nodes of the current documentation tree.

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