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XML Streams

These classes are intended to provide basic XML stream handing. This allows RAVL programs to read and write XML files without including 3rd party libraries. If you want to do any operations involving DTD's it is suggested you look at one of the many existing libraries that can be found on the web. If there is demand for this functionality a RAVL wrapper class for one of these libraries may well be added to the RAVL Contrib code base.

Normal classes:

 ExceptionInvalidStreamC Exception issued when an parse error occurs.
 XMLIStreamC XML Input Stream.
 XMLOStreamC XML Output Stream.
 XMLTreeC XML parse tree.

Normal functions:

 operator <<(XMLOStreamC &,const XMLElementC &) Output a element, well start to.
 operator <<(ostream &,const XMLTagOpsT &) Catch silly mistakes.
 operator <<(XMLOStreamC &,const XMLTagOpsT &) Do an output stream op.
 operator >>(XMLIStreamC &,const XMLTagOpsT &) Do an input stream op.
 operator <<(XMLOStreamC &,const XMLAttributeC &) Write out an attribute.
 operator >>(XMLIStreamC &,const XMLAttributeC &) Write out an attribute.
 XMLAttribute(const StringC &,const DataT &) Setup an XML attribute.
 XMLStartTag(const StringC &) Start writing a XML start tag.
 operator <<(XMLOStreamC &,const SArray1dC &)
 operator >>(XMLIStreamC &,SArray1dC &)
 operator <<(XMLOStreamC &,const HashC &) Write out a hash table.
 operator >>(XMLIStreamC &,HashC &) Read in a hash table.

Advanced classes:

 XMLAttributeC Class for handling XML attributes.
 XMLElementC Information about the current element being processed.
 XMLBaseC Common XML operations.
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