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RAVL, Recognition And Vision Library
Ravl - Core - Hash Tables

Creates an arbitrary mapping between a key and a value.

Normal classes:

 HashIterC Hash table iterator.
 HashC General hash table.
 BiHashIterC Bi-directional hash table iterator
 BiHashC Bi-directional hash table.
 RCHashC Reference counted auto-resizing hash table.
 HSetIterC Set Iterator.
 HSetC Set of objects.

Normal functions:

 StdHash(const K &) Default hash function.
 HashIsEqual(const K &,const K &)
 HashIsEqual(const char *,const char *) Compair 'C' style strings.
 StdHash(const char *) Hash 'C' style strings.
 StdHash(bool) Hash a bool.
 StdHash(const short) Hash short.
 StdHash(const unsigned short) Hash unsigned short.
 StdHash(const int) Hash int.
 StdHash(const unsigned int) Hash unsigned int.
 StdHash(const long) Hash long value.
 StdHash(const unsigned long) Hash unsigned long.
 StdHash(const char) Hash char.
 StdHash(const unsigned char) Hash unsigned char.
 StdHash(const Int64T) Hash 64 bit int.
 StdHash(const UInt64T) Hash unsigned 64 bit int.
 operator <<(ostream &,const HashC &)
 DList2HSet(const DListC &) Put every thing in a set into a list.
 HSet2DList(const HSetC &) Add a list of items to a set.
 operator +=(HSetC &,const DListC &) Remove a list of items from a set.
 operator -=(HSetC &,const DListC &) Add a set to a list .
 operator +=(DListC &,const HSetC &)
 operator <<(ostream &,const HSetC &)
 operator >>(istream &,HSetC &)
 operator <<(BinOStreamC &,const HSetC &)
 operator >>(BinIStreamC &,HSetC &)
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