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Event handling

Sometimes we wish to know when the processing of a stream of data is complete. This can be done with the DPEventC class. This class is the result whenever a complete path is constructed, and thus one can simply assign it to an appropriate variable, as shown below. You can either use `completed' to test if processing has finished, or use the `Wait' method to wait for it.

DPEventC completed = DPIFileC<RealT>("in.dat") » DPOffsetScale(4.0,2.0) »= DPOFileC<RealT>("out.dat");

If you wish to wait for a number of pipes to finish, you can create a set of events with DPEventSetC, and wait for all of them.

Normal classes:

 DPEventC Event body.
 DPEventSetC Set of events.

Normal functions:

 operator <<(ostream &,const DPEventC &)
 operator >>(istream &,DPEventC &)
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